Sonic Youth


I grew up in a small Mid-Western town. My father was a pastor. When we were really little my sister and I had to sneak listening to the radio. As we got older my parents relaxed a little bit and got us a boombox. Lucky for me my older sister was cool. I will never forget the day she brought home Goo and Dirty on tape. Sonic Youth was a revelation, Kim Gordan a miracle. Being raised in a church where women were not allowed to speak publicly as you can imagine made it’s imprint. Bands like Sonic Youth and women like Kim saved me. They modeled something for me I so desperately needed. I am thinking about them today as the women’s march is happening, wondering when we can finally end this patriarchy? It gives me so much hope to see all of these amazing people from all over the world standing up together. The power has always been with the people, and maybe this happening will make us take that power back.


5 thoughts on “Sonic Youth

  1. Sonic Youth is in the blood… Phrases like fascist twerp+ warping fuck kept popping up in my mind this weekend… weird. You’re a kool thang for posting this. xo


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